Marissa Burton, Partner of Burton and Davis Concierge Service

Marissa Burton

is a Co-founder at Burton & Davis Concierge Services, LLP. She's an Idaho native and participates in many networking events operated by professional entrepreneurial and corporate executive women. Marissa thrives on creativity and problem solving. She chooses to work hard and efficiently and strives to help companies and individuals create a stressfree work/personal environment by offering them business support and professional lifestyle management services.

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Marissa's DNA:
Cheese Lover
  • Fun Facts

    She loves the outdoors. She has hiked up Mount Fugi and Mont Blanc

  • She is intrigued by puppets, miniature things and David Bowie

  • She has a BA in
    Environmental Studies & Sustainability
    Boise State University

  • She is PSYCH-K Certified